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PPE Kit Gown Type
PPE Kit 40 gsm & 90 gsm
Dweej-N95 Mask
Mask Elastic 3-Ply Regular
Buoffont Cap
Non-Woven Shoe Cover
Sanitary Napkin
Anion Sanitary Napkin(only against order )
Cotton Balls 100's Packs
Cotton Role 400 gm
Prasuthi Metarnity Pad
Feel Dry
Cotton Buds
Absorb Sheet
Adult Diaper & Underpad
MAgnum N95 Mask(Niosh Certified))

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At home hospital care is a particular form of health care halfway between hospitalization and in home assistance; in other words, hospital facilities can be planned and furnished without hospitalization. We provide high quality professional medical care. In times of increasing healthcare costs, we offer rental solutions for a wide range of medical equipment used for effective recovery at home.

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